Our Platform

Our platform

A Party of Concord

We the People are dissatisfied with the state of discord in our Congress and in our political discourse. The time has come to take things into our own hands. We the People are calling for a gradual transformation of our political system. 

Rather than The Party of Concord, we are calling for A Party of Concord. What does this mean?  It means that we can achieve unity in our country through our existing political structures. We need to convince the Democratic Party, and the Republic Party, and all other parties to become "the" Party of Concord

Let us see who gets there first.

It is not our intention to solve all the problems of the world. Only those that we believe are most important and most urgent. Thus we limit our platform to concentrate our efforts on the following programs. We intend to (1) Mend the Fed, (2) Fix Congress, and (3) Use the Mosaic Jubilee Solution to avert the next financial crisis.

We the People, to make our intentions very clear, immediately call for A Program of Amnesty for Bankers Who Were Too-Big-To-Jail as well as A Program for the Decriminalization of the Possession and Use of Marijuana. We need to start anew; we need to embark on to a new life.

As William Jennings Bryan said, “When we have restored the money of the Constitution, all other necessary reforms will be possible, but until this is done there is no other reform that can be accomplished.” The suggested programs are designed to restore the money to the Constitution, meaning that they are designed to reconnect with the best in the American tradition, and they are designed to transform the present monetary system in such a way as to assure us all—poor, middle class, and rich— a future that is stable and just.

Brief outlines of these programs, which are being published in a variety of venues and circulating in two petitions on the Internet, are included in the following pages. You may find much more detailed discussions in the relevant traditional literature.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

 Please, study this petition, add your name to it and circulate it among your friends and relatives. Thank you. Here are some concentrated details:

A Program to Mend the Fed

The most important function of the Fed is to create and distribute new money. New money is created on the basis of our national credit, thus new money belongs to us by right. The Fed today is performing the function of creating new money without any instruction from anyone. The program to mend the Fed, which is outlined in a petition circulating on the Internet, suggests that the Fed willingly impose these three rules upon itself:

The Fed will create new money by issuing
ü    Loans only for the creation of new real wealth, such as tables chairs and professional services;
ü    Loans at cost;
ü    Loans to benefit every member of society by issuing loans, through local banks, to individual; entrepreneurs, co-operatives, corporations with ESOPs in their constitutions, and public institutions with taxing powers, so they will be able to repay the loans.

Since money will be extinguished as soon as the loan is repaid, and since loans will be issued only for the creation of real wealth, no inflation will ever rise its ugly head.

With the suggested procedures in place, we no longer need worry about the stability of the world monetary system. The worst possible collapse of international monetary institutions will leave the national system unaffected, and the unemployment rolls will be composed of a few thousand people who, being highly qualified, will be immediately welcome with open arms in ongoing corporations, or will give wings to their own creative impulse of innovation and entrepreneurship, or will simply retire while still in full vim and vigor.

No more need for fiscal transfusions from taxpayers or depositors. Let the market rule. The future will become terribly bright.

The attached posts offer some of the rationale for “mending” the Fed and some of the expected benefits of this reform. Here are some needed programs that are expected to be paid using taxpayers’ money; these programs have a better chance of being implemented using monetary tools, because we are not going to beg anyone to give us their resources. We are going to fund them using our national credit: 
ü    We can fund innovation projects (and needed jobs) through loans at cost from the Fed;
ü    We can fund climate control projects through loans at cost from the Fed;
ü    We can fund infrastructure projects through loans at cost from the Fed;
ü    We can fund higher education programs through loans at cost from the Fed;
ü    We can fund student loans through loans at cost from the Fed.

Once we use public money to fund only corporations with ESOPs in their constitutions, we will gradually and automatically achieve such goals as:
ü    Reduce wealth and income inequality;
ü    Create decent paying jobs;
ü    Obtain living wages, for men and women; 
ü    Reform Wall Street (too-big-to-fail corporations can be left to themselves to fail);
ü    Strengthen our local monetary system.

One of the major results of the implementation of this program is to gradually wean people away from dependence on consumer credit.

But we do favor Consumer Stock Ownership Plans (CSOPs).

A Program to Fix Congress

There is only one way to take money out of politics: We must bring people in.

To bring people into politics, we must simplify the political process, we must reduce the number of reforms we want our representatives to sponsor. Above all we must avoid all such contradictory requests as robbing Peter to pay Paul. These programs unavoidably set one group of people against another and put our political representatives in the delicate position of playing God.

The Program to Mend the Fed links many results to one understandable cause: New money is part of our commonwealth and has to be created and distributed to benefit the poor, the middle classes, and the rich as well. People understand this simple request; people will support this request.

The achievement of many programs of reform will become more realistic if they are funded by loans that will be repaid by the people themselves. The Fed might willingly mend itself. Yet, if it refuses to do so, the Congress must intervene.

Congress will intervene if it “fixes” itself.

While there are many things that need to be changed in Congress, they will not be changed unless we have a cadre of Senators and Representatives ready to change the Congress.

Here is a suggestion to achieve this most important goal: Clearly, to achieve any program of reform the President of the United States of America will need help from members of Congress the first day of the presidency. To ask for help on that day, it might be too late.

Why not start asking for that support right now, by offering support to each candidate—whether incumbent or not, whether Republican or Democrat—who runs for election in 2016 and pledges support for a our program of reform?

Many candidates will want our support and at the same time many of them will want to offer us their support. The President will then be sworn in as a political force. The resulting Party of Concord Coalition will have already worked together and agreed upon the reforms that need to take place. As Dr. Peter J. Bearse says, that will be a true (r)evolution. Our President and the Congress will become unstoppable.