Thursday, May 26, 2016


When I fired up my computer this morning, this piece jumped off the screen. How interesting. It is as timely today as when I wrote it on 3/18/2009.

The Author Says about

The impending economic conditions
will not be so dire


Mutual Assurance Funds among close circles of friends

Local Interdependence Funds in each one of our communities


passes a Concord Resolution

uses the Functional Integration of Management Tasks (the FIMT model)        to organize its economic base

gradually shifts its taxes from buildings onto land


the Right of access to land and natural resources in correspondence with the Responsibility to pay taxes on such land and natural resources

the Right of access to national credit in correspondence with the Responsibility to repay the loans received on the basis of national credit

the Right to the fruits of one's labor in correspondence with the Responsibility to perform tasks commensurate with the compensation received

the Right to the full enjoyment of one's property in correspondence with the Responsibility to respect the wealth of others.

These nine steps (+Plus One)* are explained in some detail in this collection of essays published by and about the writer in a variety of sources over nearly thirty years of work. The collection is also available at

* For Gloucester, MA, also included is a rather comprehensive plan of urban restoration (PUR).


The book can also be read from the top down, so to speak. Thus, in addition to these practical suggestions that are ready to be put into action, the book contains the seeds of a new political science theory (beyond individualism and collectivism -- aren't you tired of both ideologies!?!), a new economic theory (away from the abstractions of "The Market" and into the actual production, distribution, and consumption of wealth -- aren't you tired of being shut off from a discourse that deeply affects our life???), and a new economic policy (that creates economic freedom and justice for all  --  not only for the few).

Yes, the wealthy need economic justice and economic freedom just as much as the poor!

As a bonus, the reader will acquire a new language in economics and politics. The logic of economics and the logic of politics become in tune with common logic and common sense. We can read economics again. Isn't that a relief!?

And all this is acquired, not through whim and personal ideological preferences, but through a relentless application of age-old principles of logic.

I studied economics under Professor Robert A. Mundell and was assisted in the development of my work for 27 years by Professor Franco Modigliani. Both are Nobel laureates in economics.

Tucked in as unobtrusively as possible throughout the book (a book that I did not "write" but found written by me over the years), and especially in the Acknowledgments, there is the filigree of a paean to the cultural life and history of Gloucester, an immensely rich tradition that is currently on the endangered list due to the unholy alliance of a troika of scared bureaucrats, extreme environmentalists, and privatizing economists—destroyers of the commons them all. 

The book is designed to help the reader BECOME


My polis, my community, is Gloucester. I have been blessed to be here for forty years now. You may wish to tailor these programs to your polis. 


The above are a few Silver Bullets to guard us against our next economic crisis.

My book suggests many things we can do at the local and national level. Anyone ready to discuss these suggestions? Anyone ready to add other suggestions?


During the last seven years I have been involved in publishing a host of theoretical papers—as well as much work concerning the defense of the fishing industry. From a practical point of view, I have focused my energy on the preparation of these four petitions that are currently circulating on the Internet:

Mend the Fed

Defuse the Bomb

Stop NOAA Now

Give NOAA Feasible Tasks

Please, study them; sign them; circulate them among friends and relatives. Thank you. Together we shall get rid of many intolerable situations. We do not need to earn a living; we need to live a life filled with dignity.